030824 - WA Webinar Recording

Webinar Overview

Watch our insightful webinar focused on Challenge-Based Procurement and discover how the agile procurement process can significantly enhance competitive solicitations for projects of any size. Led by Marlon Paulo, former Chief Technology Procurement Officer for the State of California and Deputy Director for Santa Clara County, this session brings over 20 years of government tenure to provide valuable insights into improving procurement processes.

Key Highlights:

Agile Procurement: Understand how Challenge-Based Procurement can lead to better project outcomes.

Expert Leadership: Benefit from Marlon Paulo's extensive experience in enabling government agencies to streamline their procurement processes.

Generative AI Demo: Witness a live demonstration of City Innovate's GenAI tool, leveraging intelligence from over 11 million government solicitations for document development.

Meet Our Speaker

Marlon Paulo_EVP of Professional Services_City Innovate

Marlon Paulo,
Executive VP of Professional Services 

With 20 years of experience in government operations, Marlon Paulo was formerly the Director of Procurement for Santa Clara County and the Chief Technology Procurement Officer for the State of California. He modernized procurement at the State, reducing acquisition time and successfully procuring critical technology in 3-4 months. At City Innovate, Marlon is focused on government and technology projects at agencies– from process improvement to procurement, change management, and beyond.